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Count on the highest standard of quality proteins, feeding fats and greases every time

Quality. Nothing is more important than knowing your product is consistently produced to the highest standards. As a long-time ingredients supplier to the pet food, cattle, poultry, aquaculture and swine industries, our DAR PRO Solutions’ brand of products exemplify safety, reliability and value, enabling animal feed and pet food manufacturers to continually provide essential nutrients, improve feed efficiency, and make more palatable products through a full range of high-quality animal proteins, feeding fats, and greases.

We manufacture a broad line of protein ingredients that provide a balance of nutrition and digestibility.  The DAR PRO Solutions’ brand of superior fats and greases offers the energy and consistency that discriminating customers demand. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants allow the flexibility to custom blend and manufacture protein meal to support unique nutritional specifications required by our customers.

In addition to our fat and protein products, we supply ingredients to manufacturers around the world for a variety of industrial and consumer products; our fats and greases are valuable feedstock for renewable fuels; our blended proteins are used to produce our Nature Safe organic fertilizer; and our Hides division supplies the finished leather goods industry.

Our company's dedication to customer service sets the industry standard, providing prompt and friendly attention to customer needs, a strong emphasis on cleanliness and safety, and customizable goods and services.

Please download our recent whitepaper:   "Biosecurity: An Integral Component of the Rendering Industry" which discusses how a complete biosecurity program is critical to maintaining a safe and secure food chain. (Authored by: Dr. Gary Pearl, D.V.M., Past President of FPRF; and Tom Dobbs, Director of Quality Assurance, Darling Ingredients Inc.  April 2013.)