One of every 10 lbs. of animal fats and cooking oils generated in the U.S. is processed at our Diamond Green Diesel facility.

Diamond Green Diesel
Thinking big: A partnership with Valero Energy Corporation for mass-scale green diesel production

To meet our nation’s growing demand – and government mandates – for renewable energy, our company began exploring opportunities for mass-scale production of renewable diesel. The result: a 50/50 joint venture with Valero Energy Corporation to transform our innovative ideas into revolutionary renewable energy solutions. Following two years of strategic planning to develop our vision for a renewable diesel refinery, the joint venture celebrated its start-up in June 2013 at the Diamond Green Diesel facility, and is producing 147 million gallons of renewable diesel per year, or up to 10,000 barrels of renewable diesel per day.  The refinery uses cutting edge technology to convert approximately 11% of our country’s animal fat and used cooking oil (approximately 1.25 billion lbs., or 567 thousand metric tons) into a fuel that has the same properties as petroleum diesel, allowing this green diesel to integrate seamlessly with Valero’s existing fuel infrastructure, with distribution via pipeline to their consumer base. Diamond Green Diesel will meet the ASTM D975 specification for diesel fuel and will allow for a biodegradable additive to be mixed into Valero’s general diesel fuel supply, thereby meeting the government mandates established in RFS2.  Renewable butaine, renewable propane and NAPHTHA are valuable co-products from our DGD production process.

Sharing the same vision, Darling Ingredients Inc. and Valero Energy Corporation emerged as ideal partners.  As the largest independent meat by-product processor and used cooking oil recovery company in North America, our expansive operation’s footprint, combined with our sizable ownership of a diverse raw material fat supply, provides the lowest-cost renewable energy feedstock supply to the refinery. Valero Energy, already one of the largest global producers of renewable fuels, offers petroleum engineering expertise.  Additionally, as the world’s largest independent refiner, Valero also offers a sophisticated marketplace with expansive export and import capabilities, with the Diamond Green Diesel facility strategically located adjacent to their St. Charles refinery in Louisiana, and conveniently connected to a major pipeline.

The Diamond Green Diesel refinery exemplifies a true partnership, inspired by the forward-thinking cultures of Darling Ingredients and Valero Energy. The emerging market for renewable diesel, driven by government mandates such as RFS2 in the United States and abroad, positions Diamond Green Diesel to be successful in this growing market.

As we have done for more than a century, Darling Ingredients continues its commitment to implement innovative solutions – such as renewable diesel – that enable us to enter a new era with promising market growth delivering value to our shareholders and a participatory pride for our rendering and restaurant partners.